DIME Beauty

The Play

Love your skin again with luxurious skincare for women in their 30's-50's.

The Challenge

DIME Beauty had suspicions that influencers were at the heart of their brand image and they were looking for an agency who could confirm this inclination to maximize influencer collaboration.

DIME Beauty was founded when Baylee and Ryan Relf saw a profound need to revise the scope through which the world saw skin care for middle aged women.

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Dark Posts Executed

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Our Strategy

With a high quality product offering nested in an industry steep with competition, Volt knew that this relationship would be maximized with creativity and influence. The massive results which were generated here were the result of strategic partnership, excellence with affiliation, and customized messaging.


Influencer marketing at its finest.

One of the most noteworthy elements that contributed to this successful scale, is the partnership formed throughout the process between Volt and influencer agencies. This collaboration allowed for an effective marriage between excellence in talent management and strategic performance marketing via dark posts.

Affiliate Growth Marketing

Trust built through affiliation.

When presented with the task of operating within an industry of such a high level of product-based competition, harnessing referral via affiliation proved to be crucial. In short, learnings showed that the most effective message which resonated with the consumer was the message that came from someone they were familiar with and trusted; this is what moved the needle.

Customized Messaging

Scaling and accelerating growth.

To properly harness the communication with the target demographic, using assumption and speculation would have been far from sufficient. Working with all teams involved, it was essential that we devised a data driven approach which cultivated the ideal message which was based on relevant leading indicators.