Gimme Beauty

The Play

Innovative hair solutions, tools, tutorials & beauty tips empowering you to care for your hair in novel, better ways.

The Challenge

After seeing tremendous brick & mortar success, GIMME Beauty was looking for a partner to assist in their transition to the world of eCommerce.

With an ambitious goal of disrupting the status quo of the health and beauty industry, the Volt team got to work!

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Our Strategy

With a core focus of high quality & converting influencers paired with an intricate product launch strategy, the program kicked off.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Credibility built through Influencers

With an already invigorated customer base who was familiar with the brand in stores such as Target, Walmart, etc. the true challenge which presented itself was the disruption of the internet-world. Being able to leverage known influencers to drive both warm & cold traffic to a website proved to quickly bridge the gap between brick and mortar and digital. This combined with a seamless and comprehensive paid social funnel ensured the proper utilization of existing traffic to acquire and retain traffic.

Creating Lifetime Value

Product launches

One of the issues faced early on was the dilemma of low Average Order Value (AOV). Low AOVs as they relate to eCommerce create complexities due to the forced decrease in allowance allocated to Cost Per Acquisition. Because of the company’s innovative supply chain and product development capabilities, the program was able to execute several significant product launch strategies. Doing so generated massive revenue without dependency on discount and increase the Average Order Value SiteWide by nearly 40%. This provided Volt the ability to spend more to acquire customers, increase revenue, and act as a catalyst for growth.