The Play

The Challenge

SendAFriend came to Volt in search of a calculated & profitable media buying strategy which generates revenue at scale.

Send a stuffed animal care package anywhere in the world.

Donating a staggering share of profits to various Children’s Hospitals throughout the United States, Send a Friend is working to change the world by offering a simple yet elegant product: Send a Friend anywhere in the world a stuffed animal with a personalized note.

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August 2020

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Our Strategy

Being that the relationship between our agency and this incredible company started during such a turbulent time (February of 2020), it was essential to bring substantial elements of agility and precision to this media buying ecosystem. After spending extended periods of time analyzing what current data had been acquired, Volt was able to put together one of the most impressive paid social-centric scales in our company’s history.

Unique Creatives

Content is king 👑

A pivot in content strategy paired with precise interest targeting were key elements in understanding what message resonated with consumers within this young target demographic. With a focus on utilizing content ripe with virality, Send a Friend was able to generate significant buzz around paid social advertising. With intent to synonymize our advertising efforts with viral and engaging content; we saw an immediate and staggering increase in ROI which poised the account to scale.

Customer Education

Communicating the value proposition.

It was also important to keep in mind that this product persists an element of education. Thus, it was crucial to generate sufficient data in the bottom of the funnel to inform, educate, and convince traffic to convert beyond simple awareness.


Scaling and accelerating growth.

From an algorithmic perspective and with modern improvements made to Facebook’s ad platform, it was apparent that Campaign Budget Optimization was most suitable throughout the account. At the heart of our strategy was the necessity to leverage CBO with intense testing at the campaign level, allowing machine learning to properly optimize from the top down.