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The Play

Premium oral care with an award-winning teeth whitening system.

The Challenge

With a large task at hand, Snow Teeth Whitening knew that excellence in paid social was critical to the success of putting their brand on the map next to competitors such as Colgate and Crest.

Snow Teeth Whitening, often praised as the “Apple of the Oral Care Industry,” was founded with the sole focus of creating revolutionary products that look and work better than any alternative in the market.

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Our Strategy

Existing in a space that has been dominated by the same hand full of companies for years, the focal point for Snow Teeth Whitening was acquisition. Ambitious growth goals of market disruption required a systematic & influencer-centric paid media strategy.


Powerful execution for rapid growth.

Acting as gasoline to a fire, a pivotal role in the success of this relationship was a close integration between our team and CEO & founder, Josh Elizetxe. A carefully devised plan of execution was generated which included defined KPIs and a strategic media buying process. This paired with aggression to introduce as many new customers to the company provided the ecosystem for creative freedom required to allow our team to push the Ads Manager to its capacity.

A word from Snow

"John and his team have a great way of implementing complex strategies with ease. It's been a pleasure working together"

Josh Elizetxe

Founder, Snow Teeth Whitening


Using influencers as a catalyst for loyalty and expansion.

A key insight was generated during this scale which serves as a foundational role for the ethos of our agency. An undeniable characteristic of paid social advertising when done at the highest level is centered around people to people sales. Thus, working with A-list celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Pratt, and many more via innovate dark post strategies substantially streamlined growth. Additionally, this learning created a unique selling point for Volt; the marriage of paid social and influencer marketing.